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Nunn Construction is a General Contractor in business since 1983. Their brand hadn’t been touched in over 20 years. They were beginning to get feedback they weren’t selected for certain projects because they looked too small to compete on projects they were a perfect match for and struggling to recruit the right talent. They knew that their brand had something to do with it.

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Own your brand color when you can.

Color was a core component of our brand identity strategy for Nunn. We worked to find which color was most emotionally on brand for Nunn and which color was the most competitive in their targeted regional marketplace.


The Nunn Orange

While Nunn doesn’t “own” the orange color per se, it resonated with their brand personality and mission and stood out among their competitors. It also works on a functional level, creating easier wayfinding and standout marketing signage on job sites.

The Nunn brand design won the top award at the Colorado SMPS Marketing Excellence Awards, a nationwide marketing association.  The feedback they received from the professional judges in the industry was overwhelmingly positive. 

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Nunn Icons
Nunn Stationary
Nunn Jobsite Signage mockup
Nunn Truck

Building new energy into an old brand.

The yearlong brand project in 2016 was followed by a year of record growth in 2017.  Their business development director reported rapid growth in their targeted market sectors that required Nunn to ramp up recruiting efforts, which have been more successful as they’ve attracted better candidates with more relevant and compelling brand communications.


“The Nunn design is striking. We’re impressed by the research process, as well as the planning and implementation. The time spent on the research was well-spent.”


Colorado SMPS Marketing Excellence Awards

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