We don't just like to toot our own horn around here, but we are definitely first in line to toot the horns of our clients (tooting horns apparently being one of the many services we provide here at Fixer Creative). Unrelated: We are also definitely children of the 80's (hence the title).

We recently worked with the lovely owners of Shuga's Restaurant & Bar, the most charming little establishment just south of downtown Colorado Springs, to redesign their menu. Full disclosure: We've adored this place for years, and had many a meal, business meeting and drink there, in addition to having it be the location of our wedding rehearsal dinner. When Alexius and Kurt contacted us to update their menu, we were thrilled.

Take a sec to check out the new menus, and then come right back.  We'll wait for you.

We loved how they turned out , and after working hard on this project, we wanted to celebrate with one of Shuga's many delightful cocktails--and then we realized that there were several other people we've had the pleasure of working with recently who deserved a similar celebration for the hard work they do.

And, wouldn't you know it, Shuga's recently set up the coolest way to do exactly that.  Featured prominently behind the Shuga's bar is a board that lets you buy drinks for friends who can then be treated to a drink (on you) the next time they come in. Could that possibly be more fun? We think not.

The weather is perfect to show Shuga's some love and throw some love at your friends while you're at it--although, you may want to wait just a few days, as SOMEONE has gone and  monopolized the board with a few celebratory cocktails for some great people doing great work here in Colorado Springs. (Glad you have a big board, Shuga's!)

Oh, and when you check out the new menus, we'd love to hear what you think--just leave us a comment here on the blog, or tweet, facebook, fedex a cupcake package, or just give us high/low fives when you see us around town.