Shuga’s Restaurant + Bar Menu

  • Client: Shuga's Restaurant & Bar

Services: Print Design, Copywriting


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Shuga’s Restaurant & Bar, by far our favorite restaurant in Colorado Springs, wanted to give their menus a brand new look. For years they had been doing the design themselves and with every change of the menu items came a change in design–and they wanted to make a change. They wanted a more standardized design that felt new and fresh, yet consistent with their well-cultivated brand, in addition to being more standardized and easy to update since they change their menu three or four times per year.

The Shuga’s space is small and cozy (it actually used to be a typewriter repair shop!) and they always have a lot to see and do–with chalkboards for specials including a daily quiche, desserts, a crappy and pretentious beer of the week, movie nights, and special events. All of these things make dining at Shuga’s a fun and charming experience, but newcomers often felt they needed a little guidance to find their way around. We decided to make the new menu not just a listing of the tasty food and signature cocktails that Shuga’s has, but a (charming, informative, yet cheeky) entry point and ¬†guide to help direct people to fully enjoy the restaurant.

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