Pikes Peak Urban Living

  • Client: Pikes Peak Urban Living

Services: Logo + Identity Design, Print Design, Web


Pikes Peak Urban Living is a small real estate firm that is passionate about connecting people with homes. They love to focus on finding homes that fit their clients needs and lifestyle as well as their budget.

We were brought on-board to overhaul their brand starting with their identity. Their previous logo gave no visual indication that they were realtors and because their name doesn’t outright say “real estate” or “homes” it was hard to tell exactly what they did at first glance. Their name set them apart from their competitors but they needed some visual cues to help new clients see that they were serious about home buying while still focusing on the personal relationships.

They already had a great foundation for us to build on with beautiful photography of actual clients in their homes done by friend and photographer Joel Strayer. We decided to leverage this by creating a brandmark that could act as a containment shape for the great photos that show both the success of Pikes Peak Urban Living and the personal approach they give to every client.

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