Look Downtown Vacant Window Project

  • Client: Downtown Partnership

Services: Design

The Colorado Springs Downtown Partnership works to ensure that downtown is the economic, cultural, and civic heart of Colorado Springs.

The Downtown Partnership had a number of empty storefronts that were slow to be rented out and their vacancy worked against the vibrant culture that they work to maintain. They wanted to do something that added some visual interest to the empty windows, but also promoted downtown and helped reinforce the fun atmosphere of shopping, working, and living downtown.

Our concept was to make these windows into an interactive experience that people would naturally participate in and share their experience online or via word-of-mouth. This was a change to the “art in the windows” ongoing gallery project that had been appearing in windows, as we wanted to make the experience more interactive and visible to passersby.

We created a series of windows that could be installed throughout that summer.  Our first window installation (and sadly the only one that ended up being produced due to funding) was installed in the vacant Michelle’s window on Tejon Street downtown. It teaches patrons to Foxtrot and freestyle, while bringing attention to the dancing options available downtown.

A testament to its popularity, the installation has been up since 2012. In addition to kicking off a “Happy”-inspired music video, we still see children and adults alike stopping to take notice and spending just a moment to enjoy themselves with something unexpected.

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