Libby Martinez

  • Client: Libby Martinez

Services: Logo + Identity, Print, Web

Libby Martinez is a children’s author and just so outrageously fun, there was no way we could turn down the opportunity to design a personal brand for her.

Libby was getting ready to release two children’s picture books and wanted to create a personal brand before their release to help with promoting the book and building her online presence. As a Latina author with cultural themes in her books, we wanted to create something that represented her cultural heritage and also her fun and vibrant personality.

For an authentic-feeling wordmark, we used the Cuisine typeface from the amazing South American type studio Sudtipos. We also created a custom monogram and pattern that all came together to create an electric design for her bookmark business cards and a simple, single-page responsive website where she could promote her work and share teaching resources that accompany her books.

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