Leadership Transformations

  • Client: Leadership Transformations Inc.

Services: Logo+Identity, Print, Web


Leadership Transformations is a Christian organization that serves to cultivate vibrant spirituality and attentive discernment among Christian leaders and teams through a variety of programs, resources, and retreats.

Leadership Transformations was approaching the celebration of their 10th anniversary and wanted to make a bold, fresh start to their next decade of service by redesigning their identity from top to bottom. We took them through our collaborative brand identity process which uncovered a treasure trove of information and inspiration for their new identity.

We created a new brand identity for the company as well as a suite of custom logos for each of their programs in a way that allowed each program to have its own identity, but clearly fit within the whole Leadership Transformations system. This type of brand system allows for the potential growth of the organization, and also for the autonomy that each individual program needs to reach its audience.

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