Humane Pursuits

  • Client: Humane Pursuits

Services: Logo + Identity

Humane Pursuits is an online publication that seeks out what it means to be human in the 21st century digital age. Their philosophical meanderings explore the essentials of life through three main lenses; History, Humility, and Prudence. 

Humane Pursuits editorial board had a difficult challenge for us — create a logomark for a digital publication that feels rooted in history, connected to the modern world, and lives up to the lofty intellect of the contributors to the blog. They had been working internally to craft an identity for a number of months and hit a wall before contacting us.

We worked with them to design a custom wordmark that feels like it could live on the spine of an old hymn book just as easily as in your favorite modern (or hipster) coffee shop. In addition to the wordmark we created two graphic icons (the banner and gothic tower) to round out the identity and give them a graphic element to use in place of the logo. This type of flexible identity allowed them to have several elements to use throughout their publications.

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