Fixer Pics

  • Client: Self Promotion

Services: Self Promotion, Packaging Design


For our 2012 end-of-year client gift we set out to create something that embodied one of the goals we set for 2012 and that was to have more fun. We had started the year deciding to try and collaborate with our peers, to say yes to some fun projects even when there was a limited budget, and to try and infuse a sense of awe and curiosity into our work. Between Wild Fire Tees fundraising efforts, winning the project to rebrand Colorado Springs, and creating the Downtown Holiday Campaign we certainly  had some projects that fit the bill.

Using the company Image3d we made a custom viewmaster that would show off some of the fun we had during the year showcasing some of our favorite projects. We created a custom slide of our portfolio as well as custom packaging that brought to life all of the nostalgia that nearly everyone feels when they look and click through the slides.

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