Community Care

  • Client: Community Health Partnership

Services: Logo + Identity Design, Web

Awards: Logo Lounge Book 8 Winner


WordUp Communications asked us to help them develop branding for one of their clients—Community Care of Central Colorado, a regional organization for Medicaid members in El Paso, Teller, Park and Elbert Counties and is led by Community Health Partnership, a group of local health care providers united in the cause of providing better medical services. Community Care works with health providers to give Medicaid patients access to healthy choices and preventative care with the idea that if you spend the time and resources in the beginning you will ultimately spend less battling preventable diseases in the end.

We wanted the brand to be approachable and to represent “health” more than it did “health care.” In brainstorming for this project we were inspired by the old adage; “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” and chose to use the apple to represent the health, vitality, and personal care that would be a part of this new health care system.

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