Colorado Springs Logo

  • Client: Colorado Springs Branding Taskforce

Services: Logo + Identity Design, Print Design, Print Copywriting


After a thorough, year-long branding process that ended with vocal community backlash against their original logo design, the Colorado Springs Branding Task Force presented an open request for local designers to redesign the branding, and we were selected amidst the competition as the final design team to redesign the Colorado Springs identity (links to more about the process below).

Following the branding strategy we began the process of working with the Curator Team to create a new mark that fit the brand truths of the city which emphasized being Alive, Vibrant, Rugged, and Exceptional, in a way that was clean and contemporary. Part of our task was also to work with the originally selected tagline of “Live it Up”, which also received a fair share of criticism. We designed an ad campaign surrounding the revamped tagline, using it as an anchor of a temporary marketing campaign rather than a permanent city tagline, and also created initial decals for distribution throughout the city. The Colorado Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau also contracted us to collaborate on their 2012-13 print ad campaigns based on our presented ads as part of this process.

Being a higher-profile design project for the city, there was much press surrounding the entire process. Read more about the project and see some other links to press at our blog.




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