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When we started as Central Bancorp’s design agency in 2013, one of our first projects was overhauling Central Bancorp’s website and continuing to develop their brand to be relevant in a newer realm. Beyond just updating the look and feel of the site, there were several priorities the redesign needed to address:

Updated design
Brand systems are designed to evolve, and while Central Bancorp had a fully established brand system, it had not been updated to reflect a more current, relevant profile in the new digital world. We worked with them to expand their brand standards to refine and optimize them for the newer digital space.

User experience
An improved user experience was paramount. The information users needed was buried, the navigation was challenging, and user feedback indicated that the impression the website (and by extension, the company) was outdated.

Integrated divisions
While the divisions of Central Bancorp had a presence on the site, there was no way to feature the Corporate division on the site, nor showing how each of the divisions integrated with each other for a full-service experience. We solved this by designing a separate Corporate site, and a separate design used by all of the divisions. This visually helps the user understand Central Bancorp’s mission, but also interact and navigate to the separate divisions easily. Each division has the ability to have targeted messaging, unique content, and cross-selling opportunities with the other divisions.

User-friendly back-end
Another challenge was the structure of the site. Built on a proprietary CMS, Central Bancorp’s current design limited their ability to target their communications and marketing to their audiences, change the messages frequently and with ease, or highlight their solutions for the changing needs of their audience. Analytics showed that most users used the website to login to their banking account only, showing how irrelevant the content on the website had become–in part because of the way the site was structured. We created a WordPress multi-site and custom theme, allowing us to tailor-make the back-end of the site to suit their unique needs, including things like alerts for emergencies or bank closures, targeted sliders and marketing messages, centrally managing staff to allow for quick staff changes.

Central Bancorp Website

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