Bingo Burger

  • Client: Bingo Burger

Services: Logo Design, Illustration, Print, Signage


When Bingo Burger–well-loved institution in Pueblo serving up delicious, local-focused, grass-fed burgers–wanted to expand their operations to Colorado Springs (and someday beyond!) in Summer 2014, they knew they needed to update and refine their look.

Artists and CIA-trained chefs themselves, owners Mary Oreskovich and Richard Warner have a love for local artisans, quality craft and quirky touches that infuse the personality of the Bingo Burger brand as well as their delicious menu. They hired Fixer Creative as their Creative team, and we kicked off our discovery, branding and design work with them in the March 2014.

We worked with them on developing a new brand system that allows for the personal touch for each store, but flexible for future expansion. For the identity system, we created illustrations and a bold new logo, using a punchy color palette that would stand out against the typical downtown offerings. The illustrations translated into fun coloring pages for kids, buttons for giveaways, and as a custom pattern seen on the business cards. The staff shirts were designed and production-managed by us, and have a bit of a vintage flair to them by design.

To promote the store prior to the grand opening, we designed and wrote the campaign that included invitations for community members, friends and family.

As extended creative directors, we like to collaborate with our clients on more than just identity design. We worked with the Bingo team on the interior design, designing and installing a 10′ by 30′ mural for the interior, vintage-Bingo card ‘wallpaper’ for the counters, front-of-store vinyl design and copywriting, and concepts for future wall, bathroom and door murals. We also helped them strategize, design and build their menu in a way that makes it easy for them to update it.

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