Look at what just popped up on the internet machine today?

Fixer Creative's recently redesigned menu for Shuga's Restaurant and Bar is featured on the popular Art of the Menu blog today!  [Insert loud 'Hooray!' here]

Fixer Creative Menu Graphic Design for Shuga's

Let me tell you a little bit about the awesome folks behind Art of the Menu.  We have a special place in our hearts for other husband-and-wife creative teams out there, and the duo behind UnderConsideration has long been a favorite of ours.

UnderConsideration is "a graphic design enterprise that runs a network of blogs, publishes books, organizes live events and judged competitions, and designs for clients."  Several of their blogs about current design happening in the world (namely, Quipsologies, Brand New and For Print Only) are viewed on a near daily basis here at Fixer HQ, and their newer blog, Art of the Menu, specifically about "cataloguing the underrated creativity of menus from around the world", is equally fantastic and in heavy rotation around the office.

So when we saw that our menu design for Shuga's was their featured menu today, we got all excited.  (Psst - you can read more behind the design of Shuga's menu here and here)

We'd be lying if we didn't say we're a little aw-shucks-y at the moment, as we're such BIG nerds about fans of Art of the Menu, and are thrilled to see such Shuga's get a big old spotlight aimed at their great restaurant and menu today.

Check out Fixer Creative's menu for Shuga's on Art of the Menu

[P.S. Their current web ad today is a big, black X that appears on your screen and frightens the bejeezus out of you (or, at least it did us), but you can just close that little sucker by clicking the little X in the upper right hand corner of the ad.  And perhaps don't scream as loud as we did and scare the neighbors.  Yay for attention-grabbing ad promos for ADC Young Guns!]