Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine: Fixer Creative Holiday Gift

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13 Dec 2013 — No Comments

We always like it when our phone rings here at Fixer HQ, but when a national magazine is on the other end of the line asking to feature your design work in their magazine, it’s especially nice cool pee-your-pants awesome. (We’ll never be too cool for these kinds of things.)


Entrepreneur Magazine, a national mag for all things small business-related, was hunting around the internet researching for an article about creative, fun holiday gifts for clients — something out of the ordinary that would surprise and delight the recipient. They found our annual client gift from 2012 (our nostalgia-steeped Fixer Pics viewmaster package), loved it and gave us a ring.

We love fun projects, and we love our clients, so every year we like to combine the two to thank them for letting us do our dream job, and sometimes to open doors to fun new clients we’d like to work with. We love walking into our clients’ offices and seeing them around even a year later.

We’re stoked to be featured in Entrepreneur with some really outstanding design company, including the seriously amazing lego gift from Invisible Creature, a design studio we’ve long admired.

Creating super-fun brand products is our fave (and one our favorite things to do every year), so the national feature was just icing on the cake.  2013, you’re going out with a bang.

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