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02 Apr 2012 — 25 Comments

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For the city, today has been a year in the making–from a thorough branding process ending in a vocal community backlash against the new logo, to passionate community discussion of how we want our city branded, to an open request for proposal for local designers to throw their hat and talents into the ring, to choosing a designer, working through the revision process and–finally–ending with a logo that does the city proud.

For us, as the designers who ultimately were chosen among the competition to develop our initial logo designs to the final logo, it’s certainly been a long process as well—

but that journey ends today.

Today, the new Colorado Springs logo, and the now temporary marketing slogan (instead of a permanent city tagline) of “live it up” hits the streets.

With the help of an open Branding Task Force and dedicated and thoughtful Design Curator Team, we’ve gone from this:


to this, our new logo:

We also worked with the tagline.  When we first heard the tagline of “live it up”, we honestly cringed.  Once we heard their explanation and how they came up with the sentiment of living it up–living at a high altitude, with big plans and expectations of excellence–it made a lot more sense, but those sentiments were NOT being communicated in a tagline that made everyone envision Spring Break in Cabo 2012.

What we presented to the Curator Team was this idea that the city and the logo shouldn’t have a permanent tagline–our city is much too diverse for that.  “Live it up” should be a temporary slogan in an ad campaign that rolls out the new logo, the new brand, the new identity to be adopted.  If the slogan catches on, it’s a de facto tagline (think “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.)  If the city doesn’t adopt it, the logo lives on and a new slogan and marketing campaign can be launched in the future.

So we went from a permanent tagline represented like this:

to this:

We couldn’t be more excited to have this logo represent our city.

We hope to see these all around the city — you can pick them up yourself at the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau downtown, or just tune in as we might be just cooking up a little giveaway for you.

How did we get here?

Being a high-profile design project, the road to get here is quite interesting and got a whole lot of press.  Just google “colorado springs logo” and you’ll start to get an idea of how we got here, but better yet–we’ve corralled a few links for those of you who want to read a little more about how we got here:

We have to say, though: It takes a village to raise a logo, folks. From the great guys at Magneti Marketing who started the Rebrand the Springs initiative to get us a new logo, to the Branding Task Force and CVB who, honestly, have been actually open, responsive and supportive to a new creative process (instead of just giving us lip service), our Curator Team, headed by the ever fantastic Design Rangers who suggested the process and guided the rest of the all-star team to give us a committee that actually produced something great without devolving into cliches or fistfights (have you ever worked with a committee?)—we’re just saying, it took a LOT of people to get here. So, thanks.

So, the big question–what do you think? We’ve love to hear from you! Weigh in below with a comment, head on over to our Facebook page to drop us a line (and get more info on a giveaway coming up soon) or tell us what you think on Twitter–we’re @fixercreative and you can use the #NewCOSLogo to tell us what you think!


Many of you love it (we’re so glad) and want to get your hands on some of the decals. Get ’em at the following places:

  • CVB Visitor Center (515 S Cascade)
  • The Blue Star Restaurant (1625 S Tejon),
  • Nosh 121 (Plaza of the Rockies, 121 South Tejon Street)
  • LA’AU’s Taco Shop (1605 S. Cascade Ave.)
  • The CSK Group (Hibbard Building 19 S. Tejon Street-4th Floor)
  • The Greater Colorado Springs Chamber and EDC (102 South Tejon, Suite 430).


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  1. Jenny Schell

    I think you guys are the best 🙂 YAY!


  2. Austin Buck

    What a difference! So proud to have this mark represent our city. Can’t wait to get a sticker for the bike rack. You guys nailed it!


  3. Ron Stauffer

    My thoughts? You fixed it. The color scheme is better, and you’ve got the major elements of CS in there (Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, and the State Flag). No doubt, creating a brand that represents a city with such diverse pockets (Eastsiders, Westsiders, Downtowners, etc) is an enormous challenge (and very risky), so I say kudos for taking on the project and a major congrats on the winning design!


  4. Ashlee

    LOVE IT!!! You people are the very best. I look forward to having the sticker on my car! (And that says a lot coming from someone like me, as you guys know…). Magnificent job! Fixer Creative has outdone itself for the 1,387th time!


  5. fast logo design

    Even if your logo design company does not charge you more for using more colors, always restrict your choice to a maximum of three colors. Using more colors can make the logo look good on the web but how would it look when you are sending a fax with the logo in black and white? Besides, the more colors you use for logo the more will be your printing cost.


    • Sara

      Great points, Fast Logo. We actually have a sign & printing background, so we definitely know about how printing costs matter, so it’s been part of the discussion from the beginning. Ultimately, we expanded from 3 colors to 4 as a design choice. Part of the design process was creating a logo that translated great in straight black and white and also gradient for that very reason. Other logos were actually rejected since they wouldn’t read in printing. Thanks for the feedback!


  6. Ethan Beute

    Very nicely done. I especially like the ad treatments. I look forward to the day when the GoG/Pikes Peak/Colorado C element can stand on its own and say “Colorado Springs.”


  7. Heather B.

    i love this! I HOPE YOU CAN HEAR ME SCREAMING FROM OREGON HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS! really, you guys are the Cleverest. i am so proud to call you friends.


  8. Tschrister

    Great job and THANK YOU from this 30 year Colorado Springs Native! I’ll be proud to display this logo.

    SUCH an improvement. As soon as I can get my hands on a sticker of the logo (without the LAME-O slogan), It’ll go proudly on my Jeep! Well done, Fixer.


    • Sara

      Thanks, Chris! The decals (without the temporary slogan) are available now so pick one up — and definitely show us a picture! We love jeeps 🙂


  9. Jon Tenorio

    Tshirts! #justsayin #thinkaboutit


    • Sara

      We want some too! Let’s figure out how to get some soon.


  10. Chris Cree

    As someone who just moved here in the last year I’ll say the new logo is a big improvement. Good job on incorporating the iconic elements of Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods and the Colorado state flag. I’m with Ethan above – I don’t think it’ll take long for the marks to stand alone without the city name in text.


  11. Brandon

    This makes me want to move back, but to Manitou.



    The new logo for Colorado Springs looks far much better than the old one, It is also a great idea to have the tagline changed every now and then. Although conservatives may not like the idea of changing the tagline, this is necessary since the city is bound to evolve with time.


  13. Sarah Anderson

    I still absolutely HATE the tagline. It’s not any better by making “live” a different color, it still sucks. As a Colorado Springs native, we have to be able to do better than that.

    And while the logo looks much better, it doesn’t do much for me.


    • Sara

      Thanks for weighing in, Sarah. We’re glad it looks better to you, and hope that it grows on you over time.

      Taglines are tricky–Our recommendation was to not have a tagline at all, although our goal was to make it more cohesive from a design and copy standpoint if the team insistrf on keeping it. This recommendation is actually why the team voted to have “live it up” NOT be a permanent tagline, and just an element of the initial marketing message. We hope that give opportunity for future marketing campaigns and messages that resonate better with those who live here and are considering visiting here.

      Again, thanks for the honest feedback!


  14. Vicky

    Beautiful branding! Love the colors and design. HUGE improvement! BOLD! KUDOS!


  15. Kevin

    Fort Collins, CO had a simular issue when they updated their logo. I’m glad Fort Collins listend to the comments and added horsetooth back into the logo. They had removed all traces of Fort collins from the logo. Overall the Colorado Spring Logo is wonderful. Great use of colors and graphic elements. I also love the stickers.


  16. Caleb Brown

    I love the new Colorado Springs Logo. Great work!

    Also, Troy it was nice meeting you at the Ad Fed Luncheon.



  17. eckoweb

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    want to decide on between participating a freelancer and using a giant Net design company.


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