Some of you know that we've been house-hunting lately, and trying to find just the right fit for our mid-century-loving tastes equals many, many houses to look at.


Have we mentioned many?

We have made some pretty fantastic (and scary) discoveries as we've cruised around the downtown Colorado Springs neighborhoods we're hoping to call home, but this, so far, has been our very favorite:

This is a mid-century stove that was used by the couple who owned this house for 50 years, and it looks BRAND NEW.  I mean, if we bought this house, this would literally be our working stove for the forseeable future.  The burners pull out of that middle section.  Oh, how we LOVE mid-century appliance design!

Alas, as charming as we found the stove and the house in general, it was a bit too much space and work to get it up to snuff.  Apparently our moniker of Fixer does not apply to massive home renovations.  But we'll always remember the stove that might have been.