Frequently Asked Questions

What does your name “Fixer” mean?

Have you seen spy movies where the characters go to a foreign country and need someone who can help them with just about anything they need, including things they didn’t know they need like the best place to bury bodies and procure spy goggles? Those people are called “fixers”, and minus the whole dead-body thing, that’s exactly what we do – help people figure out what they need (from design to blog content to marketing ideas) and get it to them in style.

And since we do love a good double meaning, a fixer is also a chemical that “fixes” a photographic image so that it doesn’t disappear, but remains as vivid and clear as when the image was developed. This couldn’t describe our mission for everything we create any better if we tried.

On an unrelated note, it’s also a great song by Pearl Jam.

How much do you charge / what is your hourly rate?

We believe that design is not a commodity that has a set price labeled on a shelf.
We also know that you get what you pay for.

That being said, we don’t really have rates. We quote every project individually, as each project has its unique needs and elements and we usually find a creative plan that you can afford that delivers a quality product. But we’ll say this: pricewise, we’re more expensive than the random “design” guy you find on Craigslist, but more affordable than a big city agency with fancy suits.

Are you guys hiring?

Unfortunately, no. We’re a husband and wife team, and as much as we enjoyed the television series Big Love, having a sister-wife/employee is just not our jam. We like things staying small and nimble. And busy.

However, we collaborate often with other designers, web gurus, and marketing geniuses on creative projects—so if you have a great project for us, give us a ring!