Know your Fixers

Troy DeRose

[creative director + designer]

Troy is the other half of the FCC creative duo. He performs magnificent feats of font recognition as well as graphic design for print, web design and illustration. If he’s not sitting in his red chair at the computer or walking to the post office (he really loves getting the mail) you can find him mixing things up at his art studio. He misses the smell of vinyl from his years of owning a sign shop.


Sara DeRose

[creative director + wordslinger]

Sara is one-half of the creative team at Fixer Creative Co. She’s a copywriter, editor and content strategist, while also handling all things word-related at Fixer HQ, including doling out the Scrabble tiles for our monthly yearly game (Troy is no longer a willing opponent). She loves for words to appear in stellar fonts and to get people’s attention. Her English degree currently resides on the fridge.