We got a nice little jump to our morning courtesy of this little letter that showed up in our inbox!

We had the opportunity to work on some great projects in 2011, so we're pleased as punch that every single one of our submissions was recognized for an award!   You can see a few of our submissions here, here and here (the rest are so hot off the press, we'll be popping them up soon!)

We got to meet several of the judges earlier this month, and they could not have been nicer to us here at FCC.

A little background: The AAF (American Advertising Federation) exists to "inspire, educate, and motivate local businesses, creatives and advertising professionals." In other words, our kind of people! Every year each chapter hosts the Addy Awards, which is like a local-version of the Oscars, but for Advertising/Marketing Design. Each submissions are judged by top-tier professionals (read: the big dogs from the big cities) and given Silver, Gold and Best In Show awards. The gold winners go on to compete regionally and nationally.

We love doing great work--but mail telling us that our work is winning some fancy awards? Well, that's just icing on the cake. And now we're hungry for cake -- thanks a lot, Addy's.

Oh, and check out their fancy new website here -- we think it looks great and are proud to have worked on it along with some other stellar people. We can't wait to see all the award-winning work produced locally this year at the Addy's.

But we seriously have to go get cake now, before one of us moves into certain phases of dessert-oriented delerium. We'll let you guess which one.